Are Dietary Supplements Safe for All Ages?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against the use of body-shaping supplements for people under 18 years old. When it comes to dietary supplements, they can be beneficial at any age, but they can also have unwanted side effects, such as unsafe interactions with prescription drugs or not working at all. Consumers should be aware of the potential risks associated with taking dietary supplements and should always consult their doctor before taking any. According to a survey conducted by the FDA, the use of dietary supplements was higher among women (37.3%) than men (30.8%), and the prevalence of use was highest among people aged 2 to 5 (43.3%), followed by those aged 6 to 11 (37.5%), 12 to 19 years old (29.7%).The FDA has no authority over dietary supplements, which do not have to be approved by this agency to ensure their safety or effectiveness before being sold to the public. However, the FDA provides updates for consumers, information from other agencies, and other educational materials for users of dietary supplements.The use of multivitamins, minerals, single-ingredient vitamin D, probiotics and botanicals varied by age group.

Other circumstances that justify the use of dietary supplements in children or adolescents include restrictive diets, pregnancy, and various diseases. It is important to remember that dietary supplements are not intended to replace a balanced diet and should only be taken after consulting with a doctor. Taking dietary supplements without consulting a doctor can lead to serious health risks.

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